Raúl Guerra

Artist Illustrator

Colour-pyrotechnician; visionary; inspired of the natural world; I am in constant curiosity of what surrounds me. Vegetarian and a firm defender of “non-genre” use of colour… I am a child who was raised gazing upon forests and mountains( Ronda, Spain); who remained a lover of misty twilights and the subtle dances of light on the faces of those around him. I’ve been on the most beautiful journey… I walk the path still… trying to learn a bit more everyday and making of my creations an instrument not limited to my self-improvement, but ultimately, one that builds a bridge of communication amongst it’s audience members.

This is one of the reasons for which I want to be as sure as possible of the things I express through these works. I try to recreate my perception of Beauty - or at least a fleeting expression of one of it’s myriad of faces. I refuse to use my skills for the creation of anything other than Beauty.
I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so and, unless it's unconsciously, I will always use the drawings to express Innocence, Beauty, Silence, Stillness, Light and Hope.

Ever-inspired by concepts and words and the interrelationships of colours, I express not only my emotions or feelings, but those of the ones near me. The energy I nurture for the purpose of creating always follows the same depurative process: being touched or moved by a singular feeling or idea, and attempting to get as close as possible to the essence of how I perceive it - or what I believe to be the truest/purest aspect of it. Sometimes my technique or my skills don't permit the proximity I desire, but my will and my constant yearning for improvement help me orient my labour. At some point, each work becomes a therapeutic routine that I observe as a not-quite-finished canvas in permanent evolution. A feeling of panic inevitably arises in the moment it's exposed to the world. It feels like releasing the kraken. You are no longer the master and the artwork begins a life of its own. The relationship between art/artist is something that intrigues me deeply. I enjoy the idea of being just a mere vehicle for the Art to come forth. It feels important for to state that I'm still not sure if what I do should be called "Art". I acknowledge it's strong aesthetic component, but I don't believe myself qualified to label my own work.

So, this is where I am now,… we'll see what wondrous coalescence of colour is in store...

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